Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Photo: Popular Writer Apologises For Forcefully Kissing A Woman

As if it was in a literary plot, award-winning writer, Chijioke Amun-Nnadi, on Tuesday, apologised to a lady who accused him of forcefully kissing her.

An Abuja-based freelance writer, Miracle Adebayo, had on Monday accused Amun-Nnadi of harassment, saying the incident happened in November 2014, during the Ake Arts and Book Festival held in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Amun-Nnadi, who works with the Niger Delta Development Commission, is a prolific and popular writer whose collections of poems, including Through the Window of a Sandcastle and A Field of Echoes, are well acclaimed. Apart from winning the Association of Nigerian Authors prize, he has also been a finalist of the Nigeria Prize for Literature.

Adebayo noted that the Port Harcourt-based poet had committed the act while she was in his car.

She wrote, “I was in his car with two other people. He specifically asked that I sit in the front seat while we drove to get food and I didn’t object because I saw no big deal in it.

“Along the road, we stopped for the other occupants to get something from a shop. In those few minutes, Amun-Nnadi, a man I thought I could trust, forcefully kissed me. I was so stunned and repulsed I couldn’t speak.”

While some people wondered why it took Adebayo two years before speaking out, some two other ladies also later posted messages narrating similar experiences with the writer.

It was, however, a sober Amun-Nnadi that, on Tuesday morning, apologised to the accusers in a Facebook message.

He wrote, “My dear friends and colleagues, I have read and heard a lot that has been said about how my manner of interaction with some younger female writers within our literary commune has been quite inappropriate. With sincerity, I accept responsibility for the hurt a writer’s excesses have caused you all. I wish to humbly seek a lasting healing for all affected and all concerned because it was not my intention to hurt anyone. I truly regret this. I am deeply sorry and I apologise without reservation to all affected. Do forgive. Thank you all for reading and for your understanding.”


  1. In the US, he would be commended for this but in Nigeria , he would be slated...good he came out though.

  2. You are forgiven. Go and sin no more.

  3. The lady should forgive him

  4. Why forcefully kissed a lady

  5. Lol it's good he confessed to the crime

  6. It takes courage to admit this kind of thing and apologize

  7. Since no more bro

  8. Sin no more bro