Photos: Firm Hands Out Inflatable S3x Dolls To Male Workers Instead Of Annual Cash Bonus

A company decided to hand out inflatable s3x dolls to its
male employees as an annual bonus instead of cash. The end-of-year gifts,
traditionally in the form of cash, were replaced by the blow-up dolls and
presented to the staff at an annual company gala before Chinese New Year.
Lianlian, the internet company based in Guangzhou, capital
of South China ’s Guangdong Province, is responsible for creating an online
dating application. Wang Yuzhu, its CEO, thought it apt to gift the company’s
young, single men one s3x doll each as their annual bonus, making them forgo
entirely a cash bonus.
The men in their 20s were also taught how to use the
inflatable s3x dolls, and were invited on stage to demonstrate the uses in
front of hundreds of colleagues.

Photos from the event show the awkward and rather comical
reactions of some stunned and embarrassed employees, who thought the dolls were
a practical joke.
Other year-end bonuses included dehumidifiers, T-shirts,
flip-flops, and bottles of Chinese hot sauce, while reports said bosses of
other firms in China also bought train tickets, pork, and coupons for their
employees as gifts – anything instead of giving money.
Reports said white-collar workers have been increasingly
dissatisfied at their year-end bonuses, which traditionally came in the form of
cash and could be used how and when they pleased.
Chinese New Year galas are a long-standing tradition in
Chinese business practices, and are all-hands events which usually take the
form of a large feast.

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