Photos: Have You Seen Colouring Books For ADULTS? They Are Full Of The F Words & May Be For ‘Dirty Minded’ People

Kids aren’t the only ones who like to relax with a good book
and crayons, adults can now also get in on the act. Artist Sarah Bigwood, from
Chelmsford, eastern England, came up with the “Sweary Colouring Book”
Profanities such as “thunder c*nt,” “f*ck
this shit” and “cock womble” have all been beautifully outlined
with floral patterns. Others include “d*ckhead,” “fanny flaps,”
“f*ck it,” “f*ck a d*ck,” “f*ck everything,”
“piss off” and “wank stain.”
Will you also be grabbing some crayons and keep between the
lines? See how a female staff wished her boss a Merry Christmas with one of these
colouring books after the cut (last photo).

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