Stunned Driver Discovers Four And Half Foot SNAKE Under Car Bonnet As Car Won’t Start

A driver got a slithery surprise when a snake looking for a
place to hide was discovered in the engine of her car. The 4.5 foot grass snake
sneaked its way into the BMW after slithering up the wheel arch while the car
was parked at Alice Holt Forest, Farnham, Surrey.
The non-venomous, native snake had been resting among the
Christmas trees on sale at the forest but was disturbed by customers and staff.
Glen Boxall, a Forestry Commission wildlife ranger in
Chiddingfold, stepped in to rescue the snake and calm the nerves of the driver.
After some three to four hours of careful prizing, the
female snake was then safely extracted from the lady’s car. The grass snake was
relocated to the reptile conservation area in the forest, where the damp areas
provide an ideal habitat for it. Talk about a lucky snake. In our own part of the
world, we would kill it for trespassing or better still na arasin (person send

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