Bizarre Sea Creature Which Looks Like A Crocodile & Dolphin Washes Up On Lake Divides Opinion

With the body of a legless crocodile and the head of a
dolphin, this strange sea creature looks more like something out of medieval
myth than a real animal. It was photographed after washing ashore on the banks
of Lake Macquarie in New South Wales in Australia.
Ethan Tipper, the individual who snapped the creature posted
it online to see if anyone could identify it. The creature has a long, slender
body with scales and a tail like a crocodile with no legs, a head shaped like a
dolphin’s and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth.
The image has however divided social media with some
claiming it is a large hairtail, a long, slender fish found in tropical seas,
while others suggest it has been photoshopped. 

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