Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ex 'Bachelor' Contestant Dead After Apparent Suicide

Lex McAllister, a contestant on one of the most popular seasons of "The Bachelor" is dead. Authorities and her family believes it's a suicide.

Lex appeared on season 14 of the show with Jake Pavelka and was eliminated after the first week. Lex made waves when she spoke out about Jake's breakup with Vienna Girardi (the season's winner), saying Girardi was not at fault.

Law enforcement sources in Columbus, Ohio said they received a 911 call Saturday at around 2pm. The caller stated Lex had texted her earlier that day saying she wanted to "end her life" and when the caller went to check on her it appeared Lex had OD'd on prescription pills.

She was taken to a hospital in stable condition but, according to her family, her body started to shut down. The family withdrew life support and Lex died Tuesday morning.

A member of Lex's family said she had struggled with depression and bipolar disorder.


  1. RIP Suicide is never an option

  2. She will be judged in heaven for taking her life

  3. Why do some people think of committing suicide

  4. Sleep well in the lord

  5. I can’t never commit suicide o

  6. Rest in peace but suicide does not worth it