Saturday, February 20, 2016

I Like Thick Women With Big Butts- Bukky Wright’s 22-Year Old Son

Bukky Wright’s 22-year old son, Ojay Wright who graduated from an American University in 2014 has explained why he keeps mentioning his mother’s name in his songs saying, he is trying to use what he has to get what he wants. He also spoke about liking thick women with big fat butt. Enjoy;

You keep mentioning your mother’s name in your music, how about your father?

My father is very supportive of my career. Initially, he did not know what I was doing till he read it in the papers. He called me shortly to ask what I was doing and said that he heard that I was screaming my mother’s name in my songs. At first, he was not supportive because he was offended that I did not inform him before I decided to make music a career. But he is fully in support of my career now. Also, we had some personal issues we were sorting out at the time and because of that I didn’t want to involve him initially. But right now, he is trying to help the brand grow. I don’t think he is really bothered about the fact that I call my mother’s name in my songs. The reality is that she is my mother and he should be happy for me.

But normally children of the rich and famous hardly leverage on their parents’ name in this industry…

I am deliberately leveraging on my mother’s name. Initially I did not want to but things are getting really tough in the music industry especially since the new guys like Wizkid and Davido came into the picture. It is really tough for you to ‘blow’ nowadays. When I started out, I avoided using my mother’s name and I did not want to have anything to do with her when it came to my music. But when I came into the country last year, I had several meetings with public relations executives and we realised that the best thing to do is to use what you have to get what you want. When everybody finally pays attention to me, I can show my fans the reason I am into music. I am not really bothered that I leverage on my mother’s name because I tried things the other way and it did not get me anywhere.

You are signed on to your mother’s record label and you are also fond of mentioning her name in your songs. Don’t you think people would see you as a ‘mummy’s boy’?

To be honest, I don’t care. I really don’t care if people see me as ‘mummy’s boy’ because I want to make music and I think people should pay more attention to my music rather than my relationship with my mother.

But if you are perceived as a ‘mummy’s boy’ and you sing songs for the ‘streets’, don’t you think there would be a conflict of character when your fans think about your brand?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a street boy but I am making a record for the street. These are two different things. If you want to perceive me as a street guy, that would be a wrong notion; but if you perceive me as a ‘mummy’s boy’ making music for the street, then that is a much better description. I am not a street guy so people should not get things confused.

If you were not a musician, what would you have become in life?

If I was not singing I would have been in medical school right now. I was supposed to be there in September, 2014 but music brought me back home and we made a collective decision that it is time to focus on the music. I have two degrees now and I am not rushing to get another one because I am still very young. I am just 22 years old. However, you never know what the future holds.

Have you cancelled your dreams of becoming a doctor?

No, I have not. That is why I said that you never know what the future holds but for now, my focus is on the music.

If you are given a chance to date a Nigerian celebrity, who would it be?

Nobody, I am not attracted to anyone of them.

When it comes to women, what is your ‘spec’?

I like ‘thick women’ with big butt. I would say that Yemi Alade is alright.


  1. Lol @use what you have to get want you want

  2. My friend using your mother's name in your songs is a big flop. Use her name to get deals, shows, but don't mention it in your songs, who wants to dance to bukky wright in a club. Think am

  3. I have not heard any of his songs

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  5. Stupid boy is yemi ur mate.

  6. 22 year old in love with thick butt. Just be careful

  7. One man’s eat is another man’s poison