OMG Young Nigerian Star In London Threatens To Kill Self Over Life Difficulties & It’s No Joke

OMG. Truly people go through a lot and sometimes it can be
frustrating. This young Nigerian talented chap boy has threatened to kill
himself online. twyse_116 (both IG and twitter name) has gained a lot of
followers since he started his comic videos online recently. He has thousands
of followers and every video has been a hit. But then, Twyse_116 with real name
as Ereme says he is sorry he can’t continue any longer because life has not
been fair to him, and the only way he can do it is to find a gun and kill
himself right now.

Already, those who know him have contacted the police. But
in truth, if you read his tweets on twitter right now, you will probably cry
too, He says the only people that have been there for him are his mom and his
little brother and he is sorry he has to end it this way. He also praised his
fans for standing by him saying he loves them. His tweets after the cut. The
Lord will step into his boat. Read from the last tweet upwards. Only God knows where
his dad is, these mothers single handledly training kids can be killing
sometimes, she can only provide what she can. Hope men will keep their d*cks in
their trousers and let innocent kids be. A commenter said, his mom has been the
only one there for them, how sad.

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