Photos: Denrele Visits Goldie’s Grave, Writes Touching Tribute

Late Goldie’s very good friend, Denrele Edun has always made
it a point of duty for him to visit the late singer’s graveside every year to
mark her remembrance. It will be recalled that the singer died on February 14,
2013 shortly after returning from a US trip. Below is the tribute Denrele
penned down for her and also see two more photos below.

    GOLDIE: Closed
eyes, heart not beating but a Living Love!
    I promise to carry
on with our contagious smiles,
    The same one that
would light up a room the minute you walked in.
    I promise to laugh
and continue to never take myself too seriously,
    I promise to love
harder and forgive faster.
    I promise to be
content, in every sense of the word.
    To be thankful for
the air in my lungs,
    and the EIGHT
years I was blessed to know and understand you, OLUWABIMPE SUSAN                 GOLDIE HARVEY.
    I promise to try
and have a bigger heart (larger than the one I already have) as you always told
me       to.
    To be selfless.
    To know what I
have, and know what I can give to others who are not as fortunate.
    I promise to grieve that absence of your
physical being for only a moment.
    And then I promise
to set you free.
    I promise to never
give up on others but when I get to breaking point, Kick their asses to d kerb
as       u always told me to!
    I promise to be a
friend and a confidante as you were.
    To be a helping
hand, a shoulder to cry on or a set of ears to simply listen…
    And I can promise
you this…
    I have always
promised to open my heart to you when I fall in love and when I fall apart.
    When I eventually
get married and become a father (U always said I was excellent with Kids and I     would spoil mine rotten).
    I promise to let
you hear every giggle and feel every hug.
    To know every new
heartache (Yes o, still the hopeless romantic that I am with recent                         heartbreaking stories that you would have loved to hear!).
    and let you be
there for every triumphant moment…
    The most important
promise I can make,
    despite all my
excesses and Gemini madness,
    A promise that
carries the equivalence of all the rest combined is this…
    I promise to make
you proud….Heck yeah, World Domination is still our portion (I’m still
working     on everything we spoke about, pushing harder than ever, never
    With all that I
    I love you
everyday and now I will miss you everyday.
    23:10:1981 –

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