Uganda Election: President Seeking To Extend 30-Year Rule Blocks Ugandans From Social Media

Come and try it in Nigeria, that president is practically
goneeee lol. I know so many activists that will leave the country just to be
able to talk about the election that day alone. As long as phones are still
working, they will get all the right infos. In facts Nigerians living abroad
are enough to ‘finish’ the president online, lol. May we not even see a man
that will rule Nigeria for 30years, won’t he run out of ideas? Lol. Btw, you
know God loves us so much, remember the President that was untouchable?, He
wasn’t ready to go, say a word and you are fired, by the time Nigerians started
getting fed up, you know what God did? Have you forgotten? He quietly took him
away when no one expected it, when he never even saw death coming. See how
great God is. Can someone say He is the God of Nigeria? Lol. The report after
the cut.

Social media has been blocked in Uganda on the day of presidential
elections. The President Yoweri Museveni, 71, is seeking to extend his
30-year rule, but has seven opposition candidates running against him.
Voting has been cancelled in at least two polling stations
in the capital Kampala after clashes with police.
According to Mr Museveni social media was blocked today I Uganda
during the elections because some people misuse it. He said; “Some people misuse those pathways. You know how they
misuse them – telling lies. If you want a right then use it properly.”
His main challenger is his former physician, Kizza Besigye
who has said he does not think the election will be free and fair.
Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and mobile money services have all
been blocked at the moment. Despite this, #UgandaDecides is still trending on
Funny enough many people have found a way around the
controversial restrictions, including Mr Mbabazi who tweeted advice on how to
do it. Lol. He said;
The US has also condemned the blocking saying it sends a
wrong message to the world about Uganda.

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