Friday, March 4, 2016

Meet The Six-Year-Old Chess Whizz Who's Already Won Two Major Adult Titles

A six-year-old schoolgirl is causing a sensation in the normally staid world of chess - by beating adult competition to land two major titles in just a month.

Little Carolina Espinosa Cancino, who has been playing since she was two, likes nothing more than singing along to her favourite musical, Annie or the soundtrack to Disney film Frozen.

But when the chess board comes out she switches into junior master mode, leaving opponents more than three times her age trailing in her wake.

Carolina, a pupil at Sacred Heart Primary school in Girvan, South Ayrshire, has won the 2016 Scottish Junior Chess Tournament.

She played for five gruelling hours before taking the title. Then, last week, she scooped another junior title at a championships held in Croy, Lanarkshire., beating adult players.

Carolina comes from a long line of chess champions and was taught by her father, entrepreneur Jose Miguel Espinosa.

She is following in the footsteps of her older siblings, Miguel, 20, Cristina, 19, and Monica, 15, who are all already international chess players.


  1. She's yet to meet her match...ME!

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  2. Since her siblings are doing great at it, she doesnt want to be left out

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