Mom Who Breastfeeds Both Of Her Daughters, Aged One And Three Explains WHY


A mother who breastfeeds her two daughters, aged one and three, simultaneously said it helps the girls feel ‘nurtured and connected’.

Chelsea Craig, from Corpus Christi, Texas, said she did not plan to feed her two children in tandem but that she does it because it gives her ‘time to be present’ with her eldest daughter Addilynn, three, and her younger sister Emilynn, one.

She invited motherhood photographer Mae Burke to capture the tender moments between her daughters breastfeeding and playing together by the water because she wanted to ‘capture them living life’.

‘This is how my girls feel nurtured and connected. I don’t nurse to prove a point and I don’t nurse to declare my superiority. I nurse for my girls,’ she told Kidspot.

She said she realized soon after becoming a mother that nursing ‘could not be planned’ and instead started to see it as a ‘journey’.

Chelsea, who works with the elderly, added: ‘Some days that journey is hard and I want to quit, but others that journey is beautiful.

‘Breastfeeding allows me a time to be present with my girls where nothing else matters.’

Chelsea, whose eldest daughter is nearly four, said she has come up against judgement from some – who give her ‘crazy eyes’ – for still breastfeeding her children but she said the pictures help people to understand.

‘Whenever someone hears that I breastfeed, they always seem surprised by how old my kids are. Usually, they assume they misheard me and I must only nurse my younger daughter. When they find out both of my girls nurse and at the same time, I get their crazy eyes,’ she said.

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