Photos: When Gorillas Fight Over Food

These burly gorillas REALLY love their veg. The two Western
lowland gorillas almost came to blows over a jacket potato at Paignton Zoo
Environmental Park in Devon.
Silverback Pertinax – 33 years old and weighing-in at 172
kilos – and Kiondo, who is 13 and 186.5 kilos – beat their chests and bared
their teeth as they displayed at each other during the squabble.

Paignton Zoo Curator of Mammals Neil Bemment said: “I
don’t think they actually came to blows. They all have their favourite foods
just like us, but Pertinax and Kiondo really love jacket potatoes. The keepers
always scatter the food so that everyone gets their fair share, but on this
occasion both boys obviously had their eye on the best one”. See more
photos below.

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