Rape Charges Against ‘Unnamed’ Mandela’s Grandson Withdrawn

The National Prosecuting Authority has withdrawn a rape case
against one of Nelson Mandela’s grandson whom they have refused to name. They
told the BBC the case was withdrawn against the 24-year-old pending further
A 15-year-old had alleged the 24-year old raped her in the
toilets of a Johannesburg bar in 2015. But he denied the allegation and said
the s3x was consensual and he believed she was much older.
Prosecutors now say “new information has come to
light” and they need more time look into it.
During the hearing in August, his lawyers disputed the age
of his accuser, saying she was 16, the age of consent.

Under South African law, s3x with someone under 16 is
classed as rape whether consensual or not.

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