Save Me From Etisalat- LL Reader Writes In

Lol, I like the way my reader’s relate with me sometimes, ‘Save
Me From Etisalat’, as if I can, lol, but then God can hehehe. Here’s the story
the aggrieved guy sent in. Sincerely, anyone will be angry over this.
I was sent an errand 
by an elderly woman near my place to buy her a tablet (phone), so i went
to Etisalat office in Ijebu-Ode to buy a phantom pad II at the cost of
#31,000:00 (thirty-One thousand) on the 9th of October, 2015. I delivered the
phone to the woman that same day. the woman called me very early the next day
that there was an ink patch on the center of the screen. i went there and saw
for myself. i returned the phone to etisalat office on the 12th of October for
complain. i was called to come and pick it on the 26 october, 2015 that the
phone was ready. The phone developed that same fault before i got to the owner.

I returned the phone back the following Monday and it was
accepted by their shop agent for onward delivery to their technician in Ibadan.
Nothing was done on the phone until i called their shop to
complain about their service and i was called that the phone was ready in the
second week of November that the phone was ready.
I went as usual, collected the phone and it developed the
same fault before the next morning. The woman who sent me the phone was
complaining that the phone wasn’t good, and the aim of she buying the phone was
defeated. i had to pay her back the money for the phone.
To cut the story short, the phone went completely blank
towards the end of January, 2016, and i returned the phone on the 11th of
February, 2016 and i called the etisalat office in Ijebu Ode and their customer
care (200) sent them mails severally and all the shop agent could say was that
tecno office asked them to pay 11,000: for the repair of the phone.
My plea is that:
1. The phone has warranty for a year
2. Can Etisalat try this in other developed countries?
3. Etisalat should refund the money or provide another phone
Attached with this mail is the picture of the receipt of


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