The Time I Spent With EgyptAir Hijacker Remains The ‘Darkest Chapter In My Life’- Ex-Wife Reveals Shocking Tales


The EgyptAir hijacker’s former wife has branded him a jobless drug addict and claimed their five-year was ‘a living hell’.

In her first interview since Tuesday’s drama Marina reveals how she married a violent, unemployed bully who was cruel to her and their three children.

‘Most of the media painted a picture of a romantic situation in which a man was trying to reach out to his estranged wife.’

But that couldn’t be further from the truth and they would have a different opinion if they knew what he was really like.

‘It was a marriage of hell with threats, beatings, torture and fear. He was a man who knew how to inflict fear and to create misery around him. He was unbalanced and a scary person.’

Marina, 51, met Mustafa in 1983, when she was 18 years old, and married him two years later.

During their seven years together the couple had three children, but Ms Paraschou still describes them as the ‘darkest chapter in my life’.

She says the couple lived with her parents on Cyprus during their marriage, but unemployed Mustafa never provided financially to the family.

The couple divorced in 1990 and Mustafa left Cyprus for Egypt in 1994 where he was jailed for forgery and fraud. He broke out of prison in 2011 amid the chaos during the uprising against Egyptian president Muhammad Hosni El Sayed Mubarak.

Ms Paraschou, from Oroklini, a village near Larnaca Airport, said she called Mustafa, who was by then back in Egypt, to tell him one of their children had died in an accident.
‘I called him [to tell him of our child’s death] and all he could say was “What do I care?”‘, she said.

‘I can assure you, he never cared about me or his children – both when he was in Cyprus and after he left.

The only thing he gave was pain, unhappiness and fear.’

Mustafa is currently on an eight-day remand in Cypriot jail for hijacking the domestic EgyptAir MS181, carrying 62 people, including eight Brits and ten Americans, shortly after it left Alexandria on Tuesday morning.

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