Woman Asks The Internet For Advice After Sleeping With Her Best Friend – But The Replies Are Brutal

A heartbroken woman has turned to Reddit for advice after
sleeping with her best friend of ten years. In an anguished post she asked the
internet for help after revealing that he fled her house saying ‘I can’t do
this’ following their hook up.
But along with sympathy and sage counsel, many users simply
mocked the woman and told her the friendship was worthless, while others
compared it to the film One Day ‘but much less nuanced’.
The woman, who does not give her name but claims she is 23,
wrote the long post detailing the ins and outs of her friendship with a man
named Paul, also 23.
She said: ‘Paul and I have been best friends for years.
Throughout our friendship, we’ve flirted, but he’s always been in serious
relationships with someone else. I’ve been his shoulder to cry on throughout it
all. Continue…

‘Our friendship has always been strictly platonic with
moments of slip-ups.’
She goes on to describe multiple dysfunctional relationship
relationships Paul has been in with controlling partners, during which the pair
barely spoke.
After one of these relationships broke down, she said: ‘I
was his support system. We grew very close over the next few months. We had
history of cuddling and holding hands, but nothing progressed beyond that.
One night, he came over to watch a movie and he looked me in
the eyes. He leaned in to kiss me when he stopped and basically ran out of my
house saying ‘I can’t do this. It will ruin everything between us.’
He didn’t speak to me for a week and got back with his
girlfriend thereafter. I told him in person I couldn’t do it anymore and I felt
used. He responded ‘Okay’ and went on his marry way. [sic] He didn’t even care
and I was crushed.
The anonymous poster and Paul managed to rekindle their
friendship. However, Paul – who had by this point found another girlfriend who
was studying overseas – would flirt with the mystery woman and insist she
shared his bed and cuddle him.
But It wasn’t until Paul next dysfunctional relationship
broke down that the pair eventually slept together.
She wrote: ‘We ended up getting drunk with some of our
friends and he came to spend the night at my place.
‘When we got into the bed, he grabbed me and we started
making out. He told me he had always had feelings for me and he likes me (…)
Well, he kept pushing s3x and we ended up sleeping together. When I went to
fall asleep, he grabbed me and said out of all things, he would miss me in his
However, despite Paul’s revelation of his feelings, the next
day he acted like nothing had happened.
‘He called me the next day and acted like nothing happened.
He said he was just drunk and horny, but now that the s3xual tension was out of
the way, we could go back to being just friends. He said he doesn’t remember
most of the night.’
The whole exchange had left the poster very confused
She said:  ‘The cats
out of the bag. It’s going to be very hard to see him just as a friend now that
we know there’s this between us.’
After reading the story Reddit users weighed in to share
their thoughts, and most posters advised the young woman to end her friendship
with Paul permanently.
Gonzoimperial said: ‘You’re his safety girl. He’s going to
keep doing this until he’s 35 and then he might settle for you. Please don’t do
Others really didn’t mince their words.
‘You were a booty call,’ said Barntobebad, ‘Sorry, but his
friendship with you isn’t as strong as you think, nor is his attraction.’
Damaged Damsel said: ‘it’s more like he strings you along so
that you will always be there when he is single. Move on.’
Another wrote: ‘HE IS MIND******** YOU. He is NOT your
friend. He is using you to gratify he is ego.’
Some called into question whether Paul really is the
poster’s friend after all.
Addywoot said: ‘I don’t really get the feeling he’s even
that good of a friend to you.’
Pretendingtobenormal write: ‘This is not how I would treat
my best friend.’
Isayfiesta encouraged the poster to focus on herself,
instead of the state of her friendship with Paul.
‘The cycle will repeat as much as you let it. Take the reins
back and make an intentional effort to move on with your life, whether that is
dating other people or doing something to explore or improve yourself.
‘A little boost in self-esteem can go a long, long way,’
they advised.
However, one user did advise giving Paul another chance.
Kiss0fDeath said: ‘I think, if you want to be with him, give
him one last shot. Put it out there. Put the ball directly in his court –
giving him the benefit of the doubt before and letting it all go. Make sure
everything is crystal clear and there’s absolutely no misunderstanding.

‘I would give him that one last shot knowing that there is
100% no grey area. You put it all on the line, go all in, and he either calls
or folds.’

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