Friday, March 4, 2016

Woman Chops Off Boyfriend’s Tongue, As Medics Try To Reattach The Large Chunk, But It Just WON'T WORK

A woman has been arrested after allegedly biting off her boyfriend's tongue during a passionate kiss. Shakeia Long, 37, was sharing a snog with Dwayne Williams, 41, when she chomped down and removed a chunk of his tongue.

Horrified Williams managed to grab the piece of flesh and fled Long's apartment, in Hartford, Connecticut.

He is believed to have flagged down a passing police officer and was taken to hospital. Williams struggled to speak but was able to tell the officer "She bit off my tongue", the warrant says.

He was taken to nearby St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center where the detached piece of tongue was placed on ice.

He told investigators he had lost a lot of blood and began losing consciousness, the warrant alleges. Medics tried in vain to reattach the large chunk of tongue.

Hartford police spoke to Williams after his release from the hospital and tried to track down his alleged attacker.

Long, who has a child with Williams, was quizzed by officers and admitted she had smoked PCP with Williams at the time, authorities said.

In her statement, she claims she "was not aware of his injuries or how they occurred".

Long was charged with first-degree assault and appeared in court this week. She also faces a charge of violating the terms of her probation from a 2013 second-degree assault conviction.


  1. She was driven by the emotional kiss

  2. He should not complain, atleast he enjoyed the kiss

  3. Only ugly women behave that way lol

  4. Only ugly women behave that way lol

  5. How can kissing lead to loss of tongue?

  6. Result of smoking

  7. Lmao @ '...and fled Long's apartment!'
    Just look at her face with those rotten looking teeth tho! Ugh!

  8. Their business

  9. Eva Alordiah type of person. If they haven't swallowed a man's head they haven't kissed.