Friday, April 29, 2016

Banky W Showers Praises On Wizkid As He Gets Hosted By Sierra Leone President

Banky definitely has no bad blood in him.


  1. Is the parent joy to see their ward succeed

  2. I know that the smellin cunt Linda ikeji will never report any news like this instead she will be focusing on and reporting derogatory news mostly on Yoruba artists and claiming she has the power to destroy their career as if she alone reserves the ability to destroy anybody.

    And when she was faced with the prospect of being dealt with, she ran to the police for protection, forgetting that she herself initiated the whole shit and brought everything upon her smelling ass.

    Ko ni da fun iyala e. Omo ale. Omo ori ola ri. Freaking smellin cunt full of maggots.

    Yes, I, olu@atlanta wrote this. Fuck her and her likes 1 million times.


    1. @Oluatlanta, apart from running to the police, she also played the gender card as if women sent her on errand to be claiming and threatening that she can destroy another person career.

  3. and yet some boastful aunty blogger threatened to ruin his career...hahahha
    i agree Wizkid can sometimes cut accross as rude but i believe he was provoked to the outburst. She poked fun at him renting a home ...what is wrong in renting a home???? and whose business is it if he decides to rent one? what if a person is genuinely not materialistic and decides not to own a property outright? Does everyone have to play by the rules of Auty blogger linlin???
    All the best Wizzy. Please i only have one request for you, take care of your sons from both women... don't take them away from their mothers oh, but ensure they are well cattered for.
    thank you

  4. The sky is your starting point

  5. Banky W is a matured and nice person

  6. Wizzy always winning