Is This The Meanest Daughter Ever Or Just The Funniest? Read Convo Btw Mom & Her 36-Year Old Daughter


There likely isn’t a son or daughter in the world who doesn’t enjoy needling their long-suffering parents occasionally, but some have got the process of torturing their moms and dads down to an art.

One such daughter is Ohio resident Liz Hammett, 36, who is mother to her own four-year-old son – while also serving as a rather talented tormentor of her own mother.

Liz recently shared a series of texts between her and her mother on Facebook, where they proved to be an incredible online hit, eventually leading to Reddit and racking up more than 200,000 views and shared more than 530,000 times on another platform. But hey, Ohio is indeed an awful child, you don’t torment your mother like that. Lol. Read their chats after the cut.

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