Nick Young Plans To Give Iggy Azalea $4 Million Ring After Cheating On Her


Nick Young isn’t going to let Iggy Azalea go that easily! He’s got a plan to keep his girl after he cheated on her with a 19-year-old and admitted it on a video that was leaked to the public, and he’s willing to go to any length.

“Poor Nick. He’s scrambling like his coaches to design a play in the last few seconds of the game to save his engagement to Iggy,” a source close to Nick said.

 He definitely has a game plan, and it’s to make her remember why they were so in love in the first place. “He’s decided to come at her very romantically.”

“One of their favorite movies to watch together is Love & Basketball,” the source explained.

 “Now that he has a few days off, he’s begging Iggy to come through and chill, have some drinks and have one of those cuddling movie nights. Nick’s hoping a simple romantic evening will smooth things over and get them to where they once were, happy and in love.”

However, if the nostalgic route doesn’t cut it, Nick is willing to go big or go home. “If that doesn’t work, Nick’s prepared to take a play from Kobe’s handbook and put a new, massive rock of Iggy’s finger,”

“Nick remembers when Kobe was involved in that Colorado scandal and straight up bling blinged Vanessa out with that $4 million sparkler.”

Kobe and Vanessa are still going strong 13 years after his sexual assault allegations. If they could get through something like that, Nick is hoping Iggy can see past his indiscretions, too. “Nick wants Iggy and doesn’t want to let her go,”

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