Oh Dear! Former Russian PM Filmed In Moscow S3x Sting With Scantily-Clad British Activist


One of Vladimir Putin’s most prominent rivals has been
filmed in a s3x sting with a British woman who is also a leading opposition

Grainy bedroom footage purports to show former Kremlin prime
minister Mikhail Kasyanov, 58, with playwright and activist Natalya Pelevine,
39, in a Moscow apartment.
The release by Kremlin-friendly television channel NTV is
apparently aimed at destroying one of the few opposition leaders seen as
remotely capable of being an alternative president to Putin.
But it also attacks and humiliates UK citizen Pelevine, who
has been a constant critic of the Russian leadership, especially over its
actions in Chechnya and lack of democracy.

The pair were filmed naked or scantily clad, their faces
fully visible.
Married Kasyanov was shown with his secret lover – an
activist in his RPR Parnas party who also had a role as his aide – with
partially-pixelated scenes of nudity and intimacy.
The black and while footage did not show explicit s3x acts.
It appeared to have been filmed by a hidden camera in a
dressing table in the bedroom of a Moscow flat apparently used for covert liaisons
between the couple.
Who was behind the filming is unclear, but the purpose was
evidently to embarrass the opposition figures who are also heard savaging other
so-called allies in an anti-Putin front ahead of upcoming elections.
Pelevine has been active in the Russian opposition for
around a decade. Soviet-born, her parents emigrated to Britain before the
collapse of the USSR when she was a child.

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