Oh Dear! P3nis Ring Sparks Bomb Scare, Mass Evacuation In Germany


Toor! German police called to the scene of a suspected bomb could breathe a sigh of relief when the feared explosive device turned out to be a s3x toy.

Police evacuated a gambling hall in Halberstadt, some 85miles south-east of Hanover, Saxony-Anhalt, after reports of a humming noise in a bin.

A bomb squad was called in, but officers were soon able to declare it a false alarm, after discovering that the buzzing was just a P3NIS RING.

Police were called to the gambling hall in Halberstadt after a member of staff reported hearing suspicious vibrations echoing from a metal garbage bin in the men’s toilet, police said.

More than 90 people were evacuated from the business and nearby premises, and a nearby street was closed off.

Three explosives experts of the Office of Criminal Investigation in the state of Saxony-Anhalt were also called in to defuse the ‘bomb’.

However, when the bomb squad examined the bin, they found that the explosive device was in fact a battery-powered vibrating p3nis ring. Oh dear!

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