Saturday, May 28, 2016

Aww SEE How World’s Most Handsome Horse Got Its Beauty

Lol, so they actually made him the most handsome horse, not that he was born that way, lol.

His owner, Stacy Nazario explains to the Mail: ‘We use gallons and gallons of water and everyone gets soaking wet, but has tremendous fun. Frederik absolutely loves it. He adores being pampered — who wouldn’t? Most horses get tired of being stuck in a stall for that long, but he’s so good natured. And he gets a lot of attention — and plenty of his favourite carrots to keep him happy.’

After the shampoo and condition with special equine beauty products, the rest of his body is washed, too, and tended to with a tool called a scrape, which removes excess oil and water. Then, commercial blow-dryers are used, followed by more combing of his glorious locks. More photos after the cut.


  1. They probably soaked the poor horse in black dye as well.

  2. Adupe atleast dem finally recognize dat black is beauty,atleast them no use white horse so d other coloured horses no go buy bleaching cream

  3. Who get that time in this part of the world

  4. On the contrary. He doesn't wear any fake extension or hair etc. Nothing wrong with grooming. Or would you prefer the horse to look unkempt?