Thursday, May 19, 2016

Oklahoma Legislature Passes Bill Making It A Felony To Perform Abortions

Oklahoma’s legislature passed a first-in-the-nation law today that would make it a felony for abortion providers to perform or induce the procedure.

Senate Bill 1552 now heads to the desk of Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin. It contains no exceptions for cases of rape and incest or to protect the health of a pregnant person. (Abortions necessary to save the mother’s life are acceptable under the law.) Doctors would be barred from obtaining a license to practice medicine in the state if they violated the law, which refers to performing an abortion as “unprofessional conduct.” The minimum punishment for the law would be one year in jail.


  1. Good.... If u know u can't tie ur leg and pretend to be a mermaid.. Then don't get pregnant


    1. Lol @pretend to be mermaid.
      Let the bill get signed first.

  2. Let them pass the bill first