Riots Break Out Across France As Strikes And Fuel Shortages Rock The Country


Violence erupted across France as a Black Thursday of strikes and fuel shortages led to rioting in major cities. A police station was attacked in Bordeaux, while in Paris thousands were involved in running battles with officers around Place de la Nation.

Tear gas and baton charges were used to try and maintain order, as crowds of masked youths chanted

‘Police everywhere, Justice nowhere’.

The window of a Skoda car showroom was among those smashed by anarchists.

“The nation is angry, and has every right to express itself”, said Jean Durand, a member of the powerful CGT union, which is leading the call forwalkouts across the country.

“That’s the reason we’ll me marching in cities like Paris today, and why we’ll continue our protests until the government backs down.

“Today is our eighth official day of mobilisation and, yes, it will be a black Thursday.”
Motorists across France are already queuing for petrol, ordesperately trying to find service stations that are open.

The CGT said that 16 of France’s 19 nuclear stations had now voted to join the strike, raising the prospect of the country being plunged into darkness.

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