Subsidy Or No Subsidy There Is One Solution To Drop The Fuel Pump Price In Nigeria By Mpaka Longjohn


Article Written By By Mpaka Longjohn

Mpaka Longjohn has urged Nigeria that what we need at this era is a paradigm shift from what we use to do before and think out of the box, there is a solution to every challenge in life, I am surprise that the people that matters in this country kept quite over the removal of fuel subsidy and the change of fuel pump price from N86.50 to N145 naira, that is almost 80 percent increase.

Where is the Save Nigeria Group, it is now the group is needed most, in respect of the New Fuel Pump price. Get this clear, If you are one of the people that joined Tunde Barkare to condemned and demonized former President Goodluck Jonathan when he tried removing fuel subsidy but see nothing wrong in Buhari removing the same subsidy, you are not a good Nigerian. Better apologize to GEJ today. Shocking the man of God hasn’t made any press statement concerning the removal of fuel subsidy and increase of pump price.

It amounts to capitulation and outright deception for those of us who led millions of people out in the streets few years ago against pump price increase and against subsidy removal to now give economic excuses to justify same.

The moral flag we raised in the past is now the scale of justice to measure the degree of our conscience in the present. A wakeup Call Nigeria.

Now I suggest to the federal government, Modular Refinery, this is the solution. We cant have crude and base our fuel consumption on huge importation every year.

Federal government should give license to interested business men run their own Modular Refinery, and when this is done, scarcity will be a forgotten issue,  there will be competition and the pump price will drop drastically. I know good business men that own modular refineries abroad, it can be done here in Nigeria, lets encourage local modular refineries.

A modular refinery is a processing plant that has been constructed entirely on skid mounted structures. Each structure contains a portion of the entire process plant, and through interstitial piping the components link together to form an easily manageable process. It is affordable, it is cheap and easy to maintain.

Let’s get this right, since at N86.50, we were buying at N150 Naira and over in some filling stations, now the new pump price is N145, I assure you some filling station will be selling at N250 and above,  Nigerians will survive, the solution is to encourage modular refineries. The crude belongs to us. It is one of God given deposit in our country, so why pay more for what belongs to you. Think about it!

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