The Moment A Soldier Fainted On Parade… (Photos)


This is the moment a soldier on parade fainted in front of a crowd of hundreds. The man, in full military uniform, fell straight forward onto the concrete at the event in Catterick, North Yorkshire.

Photographs showed comrades rushing to the man’s aid at the parade marking the 300th anniversary of the Light Dragoons.

The soldier’s condition is not known but it is thought that he regained consciousness after being helped away. Chris Booth, who was watching the parade, told that the soldier “suddenly collapsed” in front of shocked crowds.

He said: “After a few seconds one of his colleagues moved in to help him and eventually he was carried away. It looked like he was still unconscious but he was taken out of the rank and dragged off.”

 “I think historically they sometimes have done because they’ve been stood there still for quite a long time holding their rifles.”

Saturday morning’s parade featured horses, tanks and armoured vehicles – and a message was read out from King Abdullah of Jordan.

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