Friday, June 17, 2016

Angela Okorie Goes Wild On Fans, Says I Will Block You If You Talk Sh*T

The actress took to her IG handle to warn fans who write hateful words and insult on her page threatening to block anyone who does that. She even went as far as using the F word on them. What she said.

 Some times i wonder the kind of blood that run in d veins of this people that comes to my page to say shit, if you expect me to tell u how i run my family u should be dreaming, listen up guys my block list is very long, say shit on my wall i swear i will block your ass and you will never come to my page or have the oppotunity to say stupid things on my wall, i love my true fans truely, if u do good u are bad, if u are bad you are good, what da f***k is wrong with y'all, stay focused and stay off people's life and business, get busy with your own life, my true fans made me and i love em soooo much, and i will say thank you for ur true love and support and as for the confused admirers stay tuned, keep wallowing in shame, when you keep over 10 people that are not related to u in anyway in your house feed them, cloth them, send them to school, then come lets talk. Continue....

 I have practically feed &cloth people i dont even know,i have made impacts in so many lives , am not bragging, i dont publicise what i do , people that knows me truely will tell, am saying it again, if u say shit on my page again i will block and delete ur stupid comments. Happy weekend i love and respect my true people.