Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bobby Signatures To Say YES I DO Soonest

Celebrity hair-stylist and owner of Bobby Signatures, Bobby Eke, is excited to leave the singles club and eager to unwrap the exciting institution of marriage. He is bubbling with excitement as he eagerly counts down to his big day.

Fondly called Bobby by friends, the handsome dude suffered a mild stroke two years ago and was treated in one of the best hospitals in India. But all that is now firmly in the past as Bobby is now as fit as a fiddle.

Having spent more than 50 years as a bachelor, Bobby has had his fill of the travails and triumphs of a single man. At the time he was down, it was obvious to many of his admirers that he had no serious relationship with the opposite sex. His single status has provoked all manner of insinuations, but his friends insist he is only taking his time to search for ‘Miss Right’ who unfortunately had been elusive.

The latest gist is that he has located his ‘missing rib’ and he is ready to say ‘yes, I do’ anytime soon.



  1. At over 50? Very gay!

  2. Ewoooooo.
    So this man never marry. Adonbilivit!.
    I used to go to that salon and just assumed he don marry tey tey. What about kids? Does he have kids?

  3. Good for him!! But being single for over 20years is something. Becos he would be accustomed to bachelorhod.

  4. Gay men getting married


    Well,if @Gbenro,@DrSid,@Ik ogbona could....So he too can!!


  5. It is long overdue

  6. Good for him

  7. When his mates are already grandpa

  8. Are you sure

  9. Old papa yongi