Friday, June 10, 2016

British Dad Charged With Murder In Kenya After Woman Died Of Gunshot Wounds At His Mansion

A British dad-of-three has been charged with the murder of a Kenyan woman who died from gunshot wounds at his mansion in Nairobi.

Former Deloitte executive Richard Alden, 52, was arrested after the death of Grace Wangechi Kinyanjui, 42, on June 4 in the city’s affluent Karen district.

The businessman claimed earlier that Ms Kinyanjui accidentally shot herself while taking a ‘selfie’ with his gun , but has since said he was in a different room when the 42-year-old died.

Lawyer Evans Monari, who is no longer working on the case, told journalists outside court earlier in the week that Ms Kinyanjui had been taking selfies when the gun went off.

But today, Mr Alden’s new lawyers Tom Okundi and Cliff Ombeta denied the story and said Mr Alden’s statement did not match.

Mr Ombeta said: “The selfie story is not our position. Our client doesn’t stand by that story. We are waiting for police to give us their version of events.

“The actual story is she was in a different room and when [Mr Alden] heard a loud bang she was down.

“So how she shot herself we cannot tell because he was in a different room.”

Police said Alden had taken Ms Kinyanjui to Karen Hospital on Saturday afternoon, alleging she had shot herself in an attempted suicide.

But he was later arrested on suspicion of murder and taken into police custody.

The dad-of-three will be detained at Nairobi’s Industrial Area prison until Thursday, June 16, when his bail application will be heard.

In court, Alden pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder.

The results of a post mortem will be delivered to court next Friday.

In an affidavit delivered to court today, Mr Alden asked to be released on bail stating: “My family solely depends on me and they will suffer if I continue to be detained.”

He wrote that he has been married to his “beloved wife” Martine for 28 years and is father to three children, and that his mother Elizabeth is 86 years old and is unwell and depending on him to pay her medical bills.

The affidavit continues: “I am presently facing allegations of murder […] the said allegations however grave cannot deny me my basic fundamental rights and freedoms as enshrined in the Constitution.”

Prosecutor Nicholas Mutuku told the judge in Milimani Law Courts that Mr Alden had been taken for a psychiatric examination and declared fit to stand trial.

There are conflicting reports on the nature of the relationaship between Alden and Grace Wangechi Kinyanjui.