Saturday, June 18, 2016

Charlie Sheen Reveals He Caught HIV After Only Two Instances Of Unprotected S3x

In a new interview with Dan Wootton of The Sun, legendary womanizer Charlie Sheen has revealed that he only engaged in unprotected sex twice, and that's how he got infected with HIV.

When questioned further about the claim, the 50-year-old actor got very detailed with what he believed transpired.

'I was always the guy that promoted it and said you’ve got to use condoms, this and that,' he said, adding 'I was too drunk or too bored one night and here we are.'

'People say, ‘What does it feel like to be the face of HIV?’. I’m like, ‘Euugh, unintentional’. But if that’s the reality of it, then so be it.'

Still, Charlie seems to be attempting to use the diagnosis as a catalyst for turning his life around.

'I have mad gratitude, 100 per cent. Thank you. My life is more fluid, it’s more courageous, it’s more heroic,' he said.

While he voluntary went public with his positive status, the news seemed to have the predictable consequence of imposing celibacy on the star.

'HIV is not the best pick-up line. So it has happened as a result of everybody else and myself having the knowledge, and that’s fine,' he explained, though he then added 'I make jokes about the diagnosis because you have to. Otherwise it’s just "awkwardcity".