ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Reportedly ‘Killed In US-Led Air Strikes In Syria’


ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has reportedly been killed in a US air strike in Raqqa.  His death, reported by the respected Turkish daily Yenis Safak, would be a major blow for the jihadists and comes only days after 50 people were killed in an Orlando nightclub by a man pledging allegiance to ISIS.

But there have previously been reports that al-Baghdadi, who proclaimed himself caliph of all Muslims two years ago, has been killed or wounded, which turned out to be untrue.

Another website, The Abna24 website said al-Baghdadi had been killed on Sunday morning by an air strike in Syria. However, there has been no confirmation of his death by the US or any other coalition powers, who have been targeting the terror group in Syria and Iraq.

Baghdadi was born as Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim al-Badri, in 1971 in Samarra, Iraq, to a lower-middle class Sunni family. His tribe claimed to be descended from the Prophet Muhammad.

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