Saturday, June 11, 2016

It’s Been Very Difficult For Me Without A Man Around Me- Uche Ogbodo

After her failed marriage to her baby daddy which barely lasted a month, actress Uche Ogbodo has said it’s been difficult for her emotionally without a man. She says she sometimes needs the comfort of a man and someone she can trust, but sadly, there is none of that for her. She said her last relationship has hurt her so bad that she doubts she can ever give marriage a shot again. She said this and more to Saturday Beats. Read…

“Sometimes it gets lonely because there is nobody to talk to. Not that there are no men but because of all the hurts and disappointment I have been through, it is not easy trusting again. Like I say to some of my friends, it is no longer as easy as it used to be for me to trust a man again. Dating is easy but being in a proper relationship is very difficult. Once beaten, twice shy. It is so hard for me to trust someone, to know if he is coming for good and he is not going to betray my trust and hurt me. It is hard that I don’t have a friend even though there are so many men out there. Continue....

But then, to get that right person that makes you feel he is your friend; someone that would never hurt me and would be there for better and for worse and I can open my fears to, is difficult and I miss that. I am also not in a hurry to have that because I am too scared to trust a man. It is a personal demon now. Marriage is not the first thing on my mind because I am not stable emotionally but I want to be in a relationship because I want to be loved. I want to have somene pray for me, talk to me and relate with me. I would love that so much but it is so difficult finding that person and if care is not taken, you can just keep going in and out of relationships without knowing the right person.”

About being on speaking terms with the father of her child because of their daughter, she said, their situation is far from that...

“I don’t have any relationship with the father of my child; we don’t talk. One would think that because we have a child we would be cool with each other but in reality, the case is otherwise. I have not seen any effort from him to reach out to me or our child. Ironically, my baby’s first word was daddy. Maybe she misses having a father figure in her life but I know she will adapt, I am strong and my baby is a strong girl,” she said.


  1. She spoke the truth. It is what most single women go through

  2. May God grant u ur heart desire. Amen

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  4. It shall be well with u

  5. Story for the Gods.

    You better go kneel down and beg your ex husband, or else you are on a long thing.
    Also, you should open up a line of communication with him and start cooperating with him, as this is beneficial for you and your child.

    Thinking that your little girl will adapt well to no father figure in her life is being delusional and you need not be delusional.
    You need to face reality, and the reality is that your child need both mummy and daddy in her life for her life not to be messed up.

    If your baby daddy wouldn't respond to you, seek out his family members so that they can talk sense into him.
    Unless, he is morally bankrupt, he should be in the life of his daughter, as he is far more suited to protect and train his own daughter than the next random nigga you are bringing into your life.


  6. Kip shut!!!! Useless woman looking for sympathy u abandoned a sick man in the hospital nd ran back to nigeria. Did ur husband cheat? Evil women they will bite ist nd turn around to seek sympathy

    1. Oh please shut up why do you expect her to stay by a dying men who lied to her all along

  7. Aawwww...This life sometimes *sigh*
    Uche, I pray God grants you all your heart desires ok.
    Nothing is impossible. You will find true love and happiness again.