Son Who Sent Heartbreaking Texts To Mom From Pulse Bathroom Is Confirmed Dead


The terrified son who sent his mother texts telling her he ‘loved her’ as the marauding gunman opened fire inside Pulse nightclub has died. Eddie Justice was trapped in a nightclub bathroom when he contacted his mother Mina for the last time in a series of messages.

The City of Orlando has now confirmed he was one of the 50 partygoers who were shot dead by Islamic extremist Omar Mateen on Sunday morning.

Eddie, who worked as an accountant, ran into the women’s bathroom to escape Mateen but he and a group were cornered.

He asked Mina to call police as she arrived outside the Orlando gay nightclub in a desperate attempt to find her son.

Eddie then told her ‘I’m gonna die’ as Mateen discovered where he was hiding and took him and others hostage.

‘Mommy I love you. In the club they shooting,’ a text from Eddie Justice to his mother read.

‘U ok,’ she responded before her son wrote back ‘trapp (sic) in bathroom.’

His mother then asked which club he was in and asked him to call her.

‘Call them momm (sic). Now. I’m tell I’m bathroom. He’s coming. I’m gonna die,’ Eddie wrote.

His mother then responded: ‘They say stay them (sic) is anybody hurt. Which bathroom u in.’

Mina said she was going through hell as she stood outside the nightclub waiting to learn more information regarding the shooting.

‘I think it’s all of them in the bathroom. I could hear a lot of people crying,’ she told WOFL on Sunday as she recalled a phone conversation with her son.

The mother said at one point during her correspondence with Eddie, she made him get off the phone with her and text instead while she asked him questions because he was fearful he was going look at the shooter and get shot.

‘He [Eddie] said, “He has us and he’s fixin to kill us. That was it,”‘ the mother told the station.

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