Friday, June 10, 2016

Woman Strips Just To Change Her Android Phone To An Iphone

This is the crazy moment a young woman is convinced to strip to her lingerie to win an iPhone. The blonde girl was approached by a blogger in the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk and asked what she would do to get her hands on the Apple product.

Blogger Dmitry Shilov was with two pals and approached more than a dozen women, with most saying they they were not willing to do anything for the smartphone.

But then they spotted Ksenia who was asked if she would strip for the iPhone 5s.

She agreed and said she would be filmed but didn't want to do it in the street. She was taken to a remote area near a lake and handed the large bottle of motor oil. As the footage shows within seconds she was out of her black dress.

Wearing just black knickers and matching bra she poured the oil all over herself, and was filmed rubbing it all over her skin.

Ksenia, who was keen to upgrade her own cheap android phone, said: "There is nothing bad about it."

After posing on the bonnet of Mr Shilov's car, she was given her reward of the iPhone 5S and a bag of accessories.