Another Coup? Gunmen Storm Police Headquarters, Take Officers Hostage In Armenia


Gunman have stormed the police headquarters in Armenia leading to fears of an attempted coup in the country. One person has reportedly been killed and a number of people wounded at the building in the capital Yerevan. It is also being reported that a number of people have been taken hostage, including the local police chief.

Snipers have been seen gathering near the building and locals have complained that Facebook has been taken down. It is thought the gunmen are demanding the release of Armenian opposition figure Jirair Sefilyan.

He has previously called for a “change of power” and an “armed rebellion” in the country. His supporters said today they wanted an “armed rebellion” to “change the state of things in Armenia” .

As reported by, a statement read: “We have already seized one of the main police hubs in Yerevan and are in control of the Erebuni.” One of the rebels posted a video on his Facebook account from inside the police building.

It shows a number of heavily armed men talking to the camera. On his Facebook page, the man announced that his group had taken the building.

He wrote: “Erebuni special forces regiment occupied right now with all of the weapons and ammunition confiscated.” He wrote that some people had been “seriously injured”.

Sefilyan was arrested towards the end of June after a plot to seize buildings and telecommunication sites was allegedly uncovered.

He announced last October a “change of power” in the country through his movement “New Armenia”.

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