Brutal Moment Drug Kingpin Is Attacked By Hitmen On The Street


This is the terrifying moment a violent drug kingpin was attacked by knife-wielding hitmen in broad daylight surrounded by terrified tourists.

Heroin baron Sean “Lugs” McGovern was ambushed in Edinburgh just yards from the the five-star Balmoral Hotel.

He was knifed in the back of the head by two men – disguised as joggers in baseball caps and sunglasses – who jumped him as he stepped out of a £42,000 car.

After trying to chase the hitmen , one of which appeared to be armed with a blade, he then slumped to the ground, ashen-faced and clearly in shock.

The revenge attack, which lasted just seconds and was apparently carefully planned, left his grey hoodie stained red with blood.

McGovern was later helped into an ambulance with his head, neck and left hand bandaged.

A gangland source told the Daily Record : “This will have repercussions in the underworld. McGovern is not someone to mess with lightly.”

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