Saturday, July 2, 2016

Pictured! Cybercafe Owner Arrested For Helping Students Forge Certificates

Mohammed Opeyemi, the owner of an internet cafe on the premises of Kwara State Polytechnic in Ilorin, Kwara State, has been arrested by the security personnel of the institution for allegedly forging fees clearance documents for graduating students of the school.

Narrating how the culprit was apprehended on Wednesday, the Rector of Kwarapoly, Alhaji Mas’ud Elelu, said the suspect was caught with a stamp and signature specimen of the approving officer of the audit department of the institution.

Elelu said, “We caught him through our intelligent network. We caught him with some of the stamps and documents he had forged. He had stamps of the audit department and even the signature of the man in audit that normally signs the document.

“That audit paper is always presented before certificates are signed. The procedure is that at the end of payment by graduating students, there is verification, after which the audit department will certify. It is the paper from audit that is attached to the application sent to Exams and Records and then the calligrapher will now write the certificate and send it to the Registrar; then it will come to me as the final person that will sign.

“The document and signature of the person who certifies that a particular student has paid at the audit department are what Opeyemi used to forge. He has the stamp and the signature and we caught him. We have handed him over to the police. They are investigating.”

Elelu said Opeyemi’s cafe had been shut down and that investigations were on to arrest his accomplices.

“The certificates that have been signed or to be signed by him have been stopped,” he added.