Obsessed Model Shoots Dead Millionaire Ex-Boyfriend For Moving On.. Touching Tale


Stunning swimwear model Mayka Kukucova, 26, and wealthy jeweller Andrew Bush, 42, seemed like the perfect couple. But the relationship was short-lived thanks to Mayka’s obsessive jealousy.

Slovakian-born Mayka, started dating Andrew, in 2012, after he gave her a job in one of his Gold Trader Shops in Bristol. The former swimwear model was infatuated with him, she enjoyed the finer things in life and Andrew could afford to give her what she wanted.

Mayka’s love for Andrew had turned into an obsession. She adored the exotic holidays, the designer clothes and the glamour that came with dating him but she was also deeply in love with him and couldn’t stand the thought of losing him.

She’d check his computer and mobile for signs that he was being unfaithful, and would fly into a rage when she didn’t get her own way. She was even jealous of the time Andrew spent with his grown-up daughter Ellie.

In November 2013, after a turbulent two and a half years together, Andrew ended things and started dating Russian student Maria Korotaeva, 23, who he’d met in a local café. Mayka was devastated and pleaded with Andrew to take her back, but he’d already moved on.

On April 5, 2014, Andrew arrived at his Spanish villa for a romantic break with his girlfriend to celebrate their five month anniversary. On the way to the airport, Andrew had given Maria a £10,000 diamond ring and said he wanted to talk to her later about ‘something important’. But he never got the chance.

As the couple arrived at the villa in the early hours of the morning, they knew something was wrong as soon as they walked through the door.

First they spotted a suitcase. Then they saw Mayka dressed in pyjamas. Startled, Maria ran outside and sat in Andrew’s Hummer.

Andrew came out and calmly told Maria to call the police but as he went back inside, she realised the battery on her mobile was flat. Maria then heard shouting and loud bangs from inside the villa.
Suddenly, Mayka appeared with keys to the Hummer. She told Maria that Andrew wanted her inside, but as she got out of the car, Mayka jumped in and sped away.

Inside the villa, Andrew lay dead in a pool of blood. Mayka had shot him three times with a revolver twice in the head and once in the shoulder. A bullet to the head had been fatal. Then Mayka had placed the gun in his hand to make it look like he’d committed suicide. She flew to Europe with a new man but was arrested and extradited back to spain.

In May this year, Mayka finally faced the jury in Malaga, Spain. After two years in custody, she didn’t make a formal plea, and didn’t deny killing Andrew, but she claimed self-defence.

She said she’d gone to the villa to collect her things and didn’t expect to see Andrew there. Mayka said they’d argued and Andrew had attacked her first, threatening her and her family. They’d grappled over the gun which then went off. Mayka insisted that she’d never meant to hurt him.

“The gun just went off,” she said. “I only wanted to break free from his grasp.”

After a four day trial, Mayka was found guilty of murder and for breaking into the villa. The following week, she was sentenced to 15 years in prison and ordered to pay his family just over £150,000 in compensation.

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