Mum Who Lost Daughter To Ecstasy Wants Drug Legal


A Mum whose daughter died three years ago after she swallowed an ecstasy pill that was 91 per cent pure says she has forgiven the dealer and “wants drugs to be legal”.

Anne-Marie Cockburn, 45, lost her daughter Martha Fernback back in July 2013 after the 15-year-old swallowed half a gram of ecstasy while on a day out kayaking in Oxford with her friends.

The effects of the drug took its toll on Martha within 20 minutes. It’s assumed she had taken enough for 10 people.

The heartbroken mum told the Mirror: “A few weeks before Martha died I had found out she had taken ecstasy, so I sat her down and asked her about it. She admitted it straightaway. I was horrified and started to shout at her, asking why she’d do such a thing….

“She was equally shocked by my reaction – she had obviously had a good time, so my feelings about what she’d done weren’t in line with what she’d experienced.

“I shut down the conversation, as I didn’t like what I was hearing – I truly wish I had known then what I know now about drugs, as I’d have talked about the dangers in order to help her be as safe as she could. It’s no different to an age-appropriate sex education conversation.”

Since her death her mum Anne-Marie has been campaigning for drugs to be made legal to over 18s.

Anne-Marie claims her daughter had been searching online how to take ecstasy safely in the weeks leading up to her death.

Her mum added: “She wanted to get high, she didn’t want to die.”

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