Nick Young’s Pregnant Babymama Tells It All In Explosive Interview


Keonna Green, who is several months along with Nick’s second child, spoke out in a bombshell interview with Us Weekly. Green, 30, said that she and Nick, 31, – who were high school sweethearts and also share four-year-old son Nick Jr. grew close again in September and things quickly turned romantic.

We would take our son to Magic Mountain together,’ she recalled. ‘But sometimes Nick would say, “Oh, there’s too much traffic,” and he’d just play with Nicholas in his room. We got caught up in the moment and it just happened.’

Green insists that she encouraged Nick to tell Igy, 26, but he wouldn’t listen to her. ‘I would be like, “Nick, you cannot be sloppy. You need to be honest [with Azalea],”’ she said. ‘He would say, “I don’t want to hear it.”
‘I don’t know what was going on in his household, but me and Nick have lots of history. It wasn’t a secret on my end.’

‘I didn’t feel guilty because I was in love with a man, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only woman,’ she said.

Green revealed that she found out she was expecting a baby – a little girl – early into the pregnancy after experiencing back pain, and has no doubt that Nick is the father.

‘It was 200 percent Nick’s child,’ she shared. ‘He’s always supportive, but he was in shock. With him being in a public relationship, he didn’t know how to handle it. We didn’t get into [how he would tell Azalea]. I felt it was his decision how to handle it.’

‘I tried to reach out to her; I never got a response,’ she told Us Weekly.

She added: ‘I mean, I’m definitely not going to apologize for being in love with a man who I have a lot of history with. I do wish her that kind of success and hope that she can get through this difficult time and she and Nick can move forward from this.

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