Saturday, July 30, 2016

APC Is Gradually Ruining Nigeria- Dokpesi

Chief Raymond Dokpesi, one of the aspirants for the national chairmanship position of the Peoples Democratic Party, has said APC is gradually ruining Nigeria with everything from food to economy turning upside down. According to the businessman and politician, PDP must re-strategize itself in order to get the presidency back in 2019 and save Nigerians.

Dokpesi made these statements while speaking during the week at the PDP Secretariat in Umuahia, Abia State.

Dokpesi said, “Today, the PDP is described as the most corrupt party in the country; they said our leaders are clueless and corrupt. That was how they described former President Goodluck Jonathan, but with the way the APC is running this country, can we say we have a country? Is the South-East not marginalised and denigrated? Continue...

“The current economic crisis in the country is also alarming; our mothers cannot afford food items to sustain their families any more. Is this the kind of Nigeria we want for our youths? Is this the kind of change we want?

“By the special grace of God, we cannot sit back and allow the country to continue to decline.

“We cannot sit back without giving the APC good opposition, we cannot sit back and not rebrand, re-energize and revitalise the PDP so that by 2019, we can give the APC a purposeful opposition and contest as a party in order to win the next presidential election.”


  1. Nigerians are suffering

  2. These PDP people are truly shameless. yet some Nigerians believe them.

  3. Like your party and it's people ruined it. You should be ashamed of yourself . Trying to sort out 16 yrs of your mess is hard because the PSP did a darn good job of tracking the country and it's finances.