Toddler Dies Of Complications From Anesthesia After Visiting Dentist


A 14-month-old girl, Daisy Lynn Torres, from, Texas has died as a result of complications from anesthesia hours after being rushed to hospital from Austin Children’s Dentistry in March.

Autopsy results released by state investigators could not definitively say if there were any other factors that contributed to her death.

Daisy’s mother, Betty Squier, took her daughter to the dentist on March 29 to get treatment for tooth decay in her primary teeth. Squier said the staff at the Austin Children’s Dentistry found Daisy had six cavities that needed to be fixed, instead of the two they originally thought, and that young patients were routinely sedated as part of the treatment.

During the procedure the 14-month-old stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest, before she died.

A spokeswoman for Austin Children’s Dentistry said the office is yet to receive the medical examiner’s report into Daisy’s death. Her mom now wants the case investigated.

But a lawyer representing the dentist who treated Daisy says the task of sedating the young girl was done by an anesthesiologist and not the dentist. Photos from the burial below…

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