Friday, July 1, 2016

Woman Tied Up Her Alleged Rapist Before Her BF Beheaded Him

A 22-year-old Minnesota woman has been charged with being an accomplice to second-degree murder and with third-degree assault.

She is accused of tying up and beating David Haiman when he arrived at the Grand Rapids apartment she shared with Joseph Thoresen last week.

Prosecutors allege Thoreson, 35, later ambushed Haiman, of Hibbing, along a road and used a machete to decapitate him. The woman then allegedly hid the machete. According to the complaint, she had told Thoresen that Haiman, 20, had sexually assaulted her.

Thoresen was arrested after he ambushed the victim and brutally killed him, prosecutors said.

His girlfriend told police that he became upset after she told him she'd been raped in their apartment.