Touching Moment Man Reunites With Family After 42 Years


Adopted Dave Lowe spent nearly half a century searching for his family and found he had been working with a brother he never knew he had for three years.

Dave, 57, was given up for adoption when he was just a few months old because mum Maureen was unable to cope.

Dave Lowe has now been reunited with his family in Newcastle after 42 years.

As soon as he was old enough he began looking for his real family but with no success.

He even contacted Jeremy Kyle and ITV’s Long Lost Families but they were unable to help.

His daughter Louise, 33, then took up the hunt and after some detective work on Genes Reunited and Facebook she came across a woman called Zoe Anderson.

She sent her a message with all Dave’s details and a tearful Zoe replied: “It’s me – I’m your dad’s sister.”

Dave was overjoyed to discover he had a sister and two brothers he never knew about – including one he used to pass every day in the corridor at the drinks factory where they both worked.

And he was moved to tears when his elderly mum sent a heart-rending text: “At last my dearest wish has come true – to find you before I die.”

He said: “I found myself reunited with my mum which was just amazing.

“But being blessed with a beautiful sister and two fantastic brothers was like the bonus ball.

“This has made my life complete.”

Dave’s adopted family moved to Bradford, West Yorkshire, from the North East and although Maureen tried to keep in touch old adoption laws prevented a biological parent contacting the adoptive ones.

He said: “I would never blame my mum for what happened all those years ago.

“She was so young, only a teenager, and by giving me away showed responsibility far beyond her years.

“She knew that I would be well looked after.”

Maureen, 76, of Newcastle, said: “I always had faith I would be reunited with my eldest son but sometimes I worried it would never happen.

“My wish was that I would get to meet him again before I die and that has come true.

“I was heartbroken when I had to give him away, his father was absent and I was so young and would have really struggled.

“My last memory was of him as a tiny baby in my arms and now he is towering over me. I couldn’t be more proud.”

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