Chinese Woman Sparks Outrage After Taking N3ked Daughter Shopping (Photos)


A mother in China has been blasted for taking her naked daughter shopping. The woman was spotted with the child at a supermarket in Xinyang City, central China’s Henan province on August 13, reports the People’s Daily Online.

Pictures of the young girl, thought to be around two-years-old, have caused outrage on the country’s social media sites.

The young girl was spotted in a supermarket with her mother and was photographed by shocked onlookers. They were seen shopping in various sections of the store and the girl was naked the entire time.

On China’s social media site Weibo, many people have expressed their outrage on a thread that was read more than 12.7million times.

One user commented: ‘As a mother of a one-year-old myself, this is really hard to look at.’

While another said: ‘This is a perfect example of child abuse.’

And one user wrote: ‘Personally I think this is insulting to the child.’

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