Hollandia Evap 65g “Correct Wazo” Milk Deepens Brand Affinity Through Quality & Quantity


Globally, consumers tend to connect with brands that meet their needs and offer value. The relationship between certain brands and consumers have moved from just a functional value to a relationship fuelled by value adding offerings.  This relationship is made stronger with a brand’s consistency in delivering quality while also placing consumers’ trends and expectations as the rationale behind its consistent innovation.

The Nigerian Dairy sector is an interesting study of how a certain brand has embraced innovation that has endeared it to consumers and made significant inroads into the market. Since its entry into the market with an innovative Tetra Pak packaging, Hollandia Evaporated Milk redefined a new benchmark for milk packaging in Nigeria. Before then, it was fashionable to package milk in Tins, which experts have hinted comes with challenges of preservation and hygiene due to the corrosive nature of tins.

Tetra Pak packaging is the new global trend and benchmark for packaging because it is aseptic and helps preserve the milk so you do not have to worry about contamination. Hollandia Evaporated Milk is also the only milk brand with a resealable cap as it gives consumers ample opportunity for effective storage. You can always reseal the cap and close after use unlike other milk brands.

In terms of Quality and Quantity, Hollandia Evaporated milk from the house of Chi Limited has proven to be a brand which understands the peculiarity of the Nigerian consumer and market as exemplified in its 65g “CORRECT WAZO” milk which retails for N50. Despite the challenging economic times, Hollandia Evaporated Milk “Correct Wazo” has maintained its 65g of creamy, great tasting and highly nutritious milk at N50 when other brands have adopted a reduction in quantity strategy to remain relevant. It offers 10g of more creamy nourishment than any other milk brand selling at that price.

 According to Abimbola Ojo a nurse with Newday Clinic, in Lagos State;

“Times are hard times and so consumers are looking out for the best deals when it comes to preferences. Hollandia Evaporated Milk 65g pack makes economic sense because it is quality, quantity and affordability all wrapped up in one pack. My children prefer the milk for its taste and are not willing to compromise when it comes to choices for their tea, pap etc. The extra 10g simply means my children can have more milk necessary for their good health and the good part is that I do not have to pay more for it”
Interesting times lie ahead for a brand that has continued to deploy innovative trends to deepen affinity with millions of consumers across Nigeria

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