Woman Gives Birth To Conjoined Twins Who Share Same Heart


A woman has given birth to a pair of boys who are fused at the abdomen, have two healthy sets of limbs but share one heart.

Shahin Khan, 26, was admitted to Sion Hospital in Mumbai, India, where she gave birth to the twins in the seventh month of her pregnancy .

The new-borns weighing 4.5 kg have two separate heads and neck but are joined from the thorax – the part from the neck to abdomen.

While doctors at the hospital have delivered several conjoined twins in the past, the latest twins are unusual in sharing one heart making it harder to separate them.

Dr Suleiman Merchant, the dean of the hospital , said: “These conjoined twins have a very complex internal architecture.

“While they have two separate heads and necks, they are joint from the thorax, that is the part between the neck and the abdomen, and so are completely fused below the umbilicus level.” Shahin and her husband Irshand Khan, 27, a cobbler, are already parents of two daughters.

The hospital has prepared a team of doctors to carry out a possible surgery to separate the infants.

Dr Paras Kothari, the Head of Paediatric Surgery at the hospital, said: “As they share one heart, it isn’t going to be an easy decision to make for the parents.

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