Mum Who Struggled To Lose Weight For Years Reveals Her Secret


A mother-of-three who ditched her habit of drinking 15 cups of coffee a day reveals how she lost more than seven and a half stone.

Lorraine O’Loughlin, from Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland, dropped seven dress sizes when she decided to slim down after falling into a deep depression and rarely leaving the house going from 19st to 11st 7lbs.

The 28-year-old said she found herself stuck in a rut – skipping meals in the day and then binging on crisps and chocolate through the night. She would rely on an average of 15 cups of coffee to keep her going all day – each one with three sugars.

Lorraine, who has lost 7st 7lbs, said: ‘I was relying on coffee so badly, it was what kept me functioning all day and I basically lived on it.

‘I don’t miss it at all now though – I’m now eating healthily and get a good night’s sleep so my body no longer needs to caffeine to function.

‘Everything’s different now I’ve lost the weight, I was so shy beforehand and never even wanted to leave the house.

‘I’d always make up excuses to my kids as to why we couldn’t go out and play but now we’re down the park all of the time.’

Lorraine now limits herself to only four cups of coffee a day and has switched out the sugar for sweetener.

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